10 Accounting Blogs to Follow & Read in 2024

2024, as the UK accounting sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying informed with the latest industry insights, trends, and regulatory changes is more crucial than ever.

At Zmartly, a premier UK-based accounting firm, we understand the importance of staying ahead in this dynamic environment, full of new challenges and opportunities.

We've meticulously compiled a list of the top 10 accounting blogs for 2024, each one providing a distinctive perspective and invaluable insights.

These blogs are not just sources of information; they're gateways to a deeper understanding of the UK accounting market. They offer a rich mix of expert analysis, practical advice, and the latest information, all specifically relevant to UK professionals.

Whether you're a seasoned accountant, a small business owner, or a newcomer to the industry, these blogs are packed with tailored information to guide you through the UK's changing accounting landscape, covering everything from the latest tax legislation changes to advancements in accounting technology.

As seasoned accountants ourselves, we've also infused this list with our own expert insights about each blog, giving you a clearer understanding of how they can benefit your professional growth and knowledge.

Discover these key resources ready to redefine your approach to accounting in 2024.


AccountingWEB stands as the premier online community for accounting and finance professionals in the UK. It's a hub for the latest accounting news, regulatory updates, and industry trends. The site is renowned for its in-depth articles, expert columns, and a vibrant community forum where professionals can share insights and seek advice.

Expert Insight: From a seasoned accountant's perspective, AccountingWEB is invaluable for staying abreast of changes in tax laws, accounting standards, and best practices. It's a go-to resource for CPAs and finance professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving field.

2. Bells Accountants Blog

Bells Accountants Blog offers a wealth of knowledge, particularly focusing on strategies to enhance online presence and providing accounting-related advice. It's a great resource for small to medium-sized accounting firms looking to expand their digital footprint and attract more clients.

Expert Insight: For accountants looking to grow their practice, this blog provides practical tips on digital marketing, client engagement, and leveraging technology for business growth. It's especially useful for those aiming to modernise their practice and embrace digital transformation.

3. Accountex Blogs

As part of Europe's leading Accountancy & Finance Conference and Expo, Accountex Blogs offer a treasure trove of information on accounting software, innovative practices, and industry developments. The content is curated to provide actionable insights for accounting professionals.

Expert Insight: These blogs are a goldmine for accountants interested in technology integration, offering reviews and advice on the latest accounting software and tools. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking to streamline their accounting processes and adopt more efficient practices.

4. Freedom in Numbers

Aimed at ambitious business accountants and bookkeepers, Freedom in Numbers covers a range of topics from the latest industry news to articles on best practices in accounting. It's an excellent resource for those looking to stay ahead in the dynamic field of business accounting.

Expert Insight: This blog is particularly useful for accountants who are keen on understanding the nuances of business accounting and financial management. It offers insights into how accounting can be strategically used to drive business growth and financial stability.

5. Xero Blog

The Xero Blog is a comprehensive resource offering updates and insights on accounting software and trends in the UK market. It's a great platform for learning about new features in Xero software and how they can be applied in various accounting scenarios.

Expert Insight: For accountants who use or are considering Xero for their accounting needs, this blog is a must-follow. It provides practical tips on maximizing the software's potential and keeping up with the latest advancements in cloud accounting.

6. Xero Awards UK 2024

The Xero Awards UK 2024 page, while not a traditional blog, celebrates excellence in accounting, showcasing the best accountants, bookkeepers, and app partners in the UK. It's a source of inspiration and a benchmark for high standards in the accounting profession.

Expert Insight: Following the Xero Awards can provide accountants with insights into the best practices and innovative approaches adopted by leading professionals in the field. It's also a great way to stay informed about the top players and emerging talents in the UK accounting landscape.

7. SKZ Chartered Certified Accountants

This blog provides a guide on finding accounting firms for small businesses, which could be beneficial for those in the industry.

Expert Insight: This blog is particularly useful for small businesses. It provides practical guides on finding accounting firms that cater to the unique needs of smaller enterprises. From a seasoned accountant's perspective, what sets SKZ apart is its focus on addressing the specific challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses, such as navigating tax benefits or managing cash flow efficiently.

8. Mercia Group Ltd

Mercia Group offers CPD training, compliance services, and marketing materials for accountancy practices and firms in the UK and Ireland.

Expert Insight: Mercia Group stands out for its comprehensive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training, compliance services, and marketing materials tailored for accountancy practices. As accountants, keeping abreast of the latest regulations and best practices is crucial, and Mercia Group’s resources are invaluable for this. Their training modules are designed to keep professionals updated on the latest industry standards and practices, which is critical in an environment where financial regulations and tax laws are constantly evolving.

9. HAT Group

This site offers resources for compliance, training, and recruitment for accountants, along with courses and events.

Expert Insight: This site is a treasure trove for accountants seeking resources in compliance, training, and recruitment. Their courses and events often cover the latest in accounting standards and ethical practices. From a seasoned accountant's perspective, the HAT Group's emphasis on practical training and recruitment assistance is especially beneficial for firms looking to grow and maintain high standards of professionalism.

10. ICAEW Events

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) hosts events featuring leading tax and accounting subject matter experts.

Expert Insight: These events are a must-attend for industry professionals. They feature leading tax and accounting experts, providing insights into emerging trends and legislative changes. Attending these events is not just about staying informed; it's also a great opportunity for networking and discussing practical challenges and solutions with peers.

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