How it works

Working with tomorrow's accountants, today

Getting to know your needs

Our skilled team spend some time getting to know your needs and pain points. This allows them to tailor our platform to your requirements.

Our team then oversees the automation of your processes to ensure that your accounting setup is effective, efficient and fit for purpose, now and tomorrow.


Once we’ve fine-tuned your procedures, our platform is deployed. Zmartly will reconcile your accounts and let you know when your books are ready for monthly review. So you can make strategic decisions based on the most up-to-the-minute data.


Our team are always by your side, reviewing your processes and identifying ways in which we can continue to adjust them to make them more efficient.

Why Dext?

DEXT is a fully automated bookkeeping platform that enables users to digitize their receipts and records foreasier access and interrogation. By integrating with DEXT, Zmartly takes the time and effort out of bookkeepingwhile making compliance more accessible than ever.

Why Xero?

Do away with manual data entry. Our AI and machine learning technology automatically allocates financial accounts using smart self-learning algorithms which match invoices to the corresponding transactions.
Zmartlys AI-enabled document management system allows you to digitize financial documents for easier and more efficient paperless access.

Giving you easy access to the data you need

Zmartly’s innovative technology makes it easy to get the visibility and transparency that you need, pulling data from a wide range of sources, including extracting data directly from Xero and Receipt Bank for a truly frictionless bookkeeping experience.

So you can save time, save money, and ensure compliance with complete accounting accuracy.

What kind of data can Zmartly access?

Zmartly gives you easy access to a wide range of information from Xero and Receipt Bank, and you can even create, update and delete certain transaction types through Zmartly’s user-friendly interface.

Zmartly puts all the following data at your fingertips;

Purchases, Bills and bill payments, Receipts and invoices, Credit memos, General Ledger Accounts, Reports (P&L, cash flow etc.) And much, much more.

Zmartly's cutting edge platform

Our combination of AI, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence takes care of the business of bookkeeping, so you can focus on making your business the best that it can be. Still, that doesn’t mean we expect you to tear your existing accounting infrastructure down to accommodate us.

By partnering with widely used and globally recognised brands like Receipt Bank and Xero, our cloud based accounting platform gives users a full complement of accounting.