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For Accountants

Utilise our blend of knowledge and expertise to run your practice on your behalf with our white-labelled solutions

We will white-label your practice with your branding so that we represent your clients on your behalf
With a personal point of contact, your clients will receive full accounting and tax support.
When your new prospects sign up, our sales professionals will make sure they receive a “red-carpet” experience.
Using bespoke CRM technologies, we will devise a marketing strategy to assist you in growing your organisation.
We will save you time and effort by assisting you in the correct completion of documentation for compliance with HMRC, insurance companies, and the like.
To remain ahead of resource needs, our development managers will dedicate time to training and recruitment.

The Switching Procedure

1. Discovery Call

We will have a conversation to discover everything about your organization and clients

We will review your practice and how you presently work with your clients at the moment. We will also indicate how we may add value to your company by providing services you do not already provide, resulting in a boost in revenue.

2. Acceptance and Agreement

A custom quotation is forwarded resulting in a mutual agreement

Every month, we will charge you a tailored fee or a percentage to handle your complete practice. Once this has been agreed upon, we will determine a timeframe for the handover process (usually a few months) to ensure that both your practice and your individual customers have a smooth transition.

3. Branding

Internally, we set up your brand

It is pivotal that we represent your organisation with your branding. Consequently, we will set up all of your brand image, mailboxes, and phone numbers on an internal level. Our marketing staff will also search for ideas to help you improve your marketing in the future

4. Handover

Each client will always have a handover meeting

We will arrange a conference call between the new accountant (who you will also meet) and your current point of contact to onboard your clients. If you intend to retain your current employees they can easily transfer to our team and there is no need for a handover (for the clients they manage).

5. The Long-term

Meetings once a month to keep you up to date on your practice

We will provide you with a monthly report explaining how successfully your accounting practice has performed, as well as any new clients onboarded, marketing campaigns started or of any compliance renewals for your firm etc.